15 Bloomfield Avenue, Portobello, Dublin 8 (-155k, -15%)

Was 1,050,000

irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … opertynews

Now 950,000


More than a year later now €895k:myhome.ie/202788

I viewed this house. It needs quite a bit of work. I was told also it needs pinning at the back of the house cause it’s got a “bulge”. I LOVE this road and house but simply crazy money.

Now €695k:myhome.ie/305777

What does that mean exactly?

The wall isn’t straight at the back, you know, it’s…bulging. It doesn’t take a very big bulge to make the rear of the house unstable according to an architect friend of mine. It needs structural and not just cosmetic work so presumably anyone buying it would factor that into the price. I think it’s an executor sale as there is no-one living there. They’re on their third estate agent and have been seriously dragging their feet with price drops. It’s been for sale for over two years.

Compared to this house, which is also more expensive, it needs to come way down in price:

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … n-8/280550

Now 599k. Still way too high if there are structural problems.

People have this curious view that prices are set by estate agents and not by buyers. Not getting the price you want? Just change your estate agent! Simples.

In our next episode, how to get more for your Bank of Ireland shares by changing your broker.

Absolutely. Estate agents would be happy to sell this house for 300k. Sherry Fitz and DNG in general I find tend to try to keep prices on the higher side, presumably to get more properties on their books. There is no way that 599k will sell this house. I have no idea why sellers don’t get realistic and let their money go to work elsewhere. Prices are clearly only going down. If they had set 700k as the price on the first day, they would have probably sold it quickly.

Number 31 is for sale for 690 which seems like an even more insane price daft.ie/searchsale.daft?id=582028

Anyone viewed it?

15 Bloomfield Ave sold for 475k in Dec 2011