15 Delaford Park, Knocklyon. -45K(-13%)

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/408249

Was €345K as per www.irishpropertywatch.com

Now €300K.


Here’s a more specific link for 345k

€300k once again sounds like what it is - a very large amount of money indeed.

It’s a bit mad to put up a plan showing the kitchen and dining room as two separate rooms when they’ve obviously been knocked into one.

There’s no square footage either.

I don’t really know if this is Knocklyon or Firhouse or where but I’m sure the locals will correct you if you mix the two up!

Was this ever really 600k in the peak?

And €675k sounds like even more!
A bit bigger, detached and pimped up looking but more than double the price.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -16/107208

Delaford is certainly Old Knocklyon. But it’s changed a lot since the old days because the motorways and sliproads all around do give this part of Knocklyon a bit of a brownfield feel these days.

As for Templeroan, a little oaisis of insanity amongst the insanity. Prices there are ridiculous. You can get houses half a mile down the road in much more desirable areas of Templeogue, Rathfarnham and Terenure for what bog standard houses in Templeroan are asking.

Nearly everything round there was thrown up Would rate them as firewood value -through bad seventies spec. Temp starter home perhaps at 50k but personally not at any price.

We’re not in Detroit yet are we?

I’m interested to know whether you own or rent a home at the moment and what homes you would consider living in in the Dublin region and what approximate time of construction?

I was constructed in the 1970s. And I’m doing fine :-GC