15 Eugene Street, Dublin 8 (-130k, -50%)

Was 260k, 240k

Now 220k

Now 130,000
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/278974

Unsellable at any price

Right at the side of Teresas Gardens and currently used (the road, not the particular house) as a flytip for people who can’t be bothered with bin tags. On any given day, there are on average 15 black bags dumped there, the contents of which have been strewn around the road by cats, dogs and rats. Serious health hazard, as well as disgusting. Also lots of feral children jumping over the Teresas Gardens fence, roaring and shouting. Or, even more fun, perched on top of the fence throwing stones into the gardens/at the houses of Eugene Street.

I live (very happily) within 500 metres, so am used to the rough edges of this part of Dublin 8 and have developed a certain level of tolerance for anti-social behaviour, but this particular 100 metre stretch of Donore Avenue is unliveable in IMO.

Or as it should be rightly called, “Crime”

i’d prefer to live in Cork than live there … horrible street which is a shame. Its so close to the city centre it should be better.

I’m trying to work out whether you mean ‘I’d rather live in Cork Street than live there’ or whether you really judge the whole of Cork to be not quite but almost as nasty as Eugene Street :laughing:

Eventually sold for €60k in 2012. Now back on at €275k.