15 Minute Cities

As good a start to the topic as any.

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Pat Farrell of the Irish Banking Federation and Bertie’s Tora Bora 2002 general election HQ.

This was all Plan A.

It was just that 2008 and sticking it to them through Enda’s 2011 FG was a slight, temporary derailment. An inconvenience.

Density Density Density, they love the idea on paper. In reality, especially with how they are going about getting the population , it will be dystopia

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I know people who commute to city centre from Drogheda. Even Athlone in the past…

There was a lad in my job commuting from Sligo. From fucking Sligo all the way to Rialto. Good few from Mulingar and Tullamore, far side of Gorey and Dundalk.
This 15 min city is not a bad idea, as in general CBDC and guaranteed minimum income are actually brilliant. The problem is, those implementing these ideas, will use them to enslave us more, and precondition benefits with subjecting to medical tyranny.


They are not. Roam free.

The idea behind them is to place all one’s basic needs no more than ~15 mins from the residence, which is brilliant, no more trips from Cork to Dublin for hospital β€œtreatment”, 3 hours commuting to pointless job.
Nowhere it says that one can be locked into 15 mins zone. This would be the breach of fundamental Natural Law that one can roam freely. If it can be done in the car is totally different thing. Cars are not ours, they are on the register, once on the REGISTER the DRIVER’S LICENCE is β€œrequired”.

That’s called a thriving village or town.

Destroyed by the Menace.

Exactly. Slaughtered without any mercy.

Plantation towns.

The Menace acts and behaves like you are living on it’s reservation.

Are you?

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Predictievie Programming

Took me a while to find that but I knew I had seen/heard it.

Love that idea. Brilliant. :laughing: