15 Mountpleasant Square, Ranelagh (-600k, -24%)

Was 2,500,000

archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y22233.asp

Now 2,350,000


Still astonishingly overpriced - especially since the vendor is trying to capture a premium for the possibility of a mews at the rear.

MountUNpleasant more like it 8)

€12,830 per sq metre. Well out of line with current Dublin prices.

You can buy a bigger house split up into four two-bed apartments for €1.9 million on the same square:


The €450k difference would easily pay for knocking the walls together…

Now €1.9m (-€600k)


And not to be outdone, this one’s down to €1.65m (-250k).

Now €1.695 (-805k, -32%)