15 Percy Lane, Ballsbridge [AP drop] (-100k, -13%)



Interesting one here.

It last sold for €570,000 in July 2016…then…

180k price hike to 750k in Feb '20

Now asking 650k


And rightly so. Insane to have been asking 750k for a glorified 2 bed apartment - would have been a 30% increase since 2016!

I am not looking at 2 beds but would have to assume this type of property aimed at the young professional couple, late 20s, working in town etc., must be under serious pressure. Why pay a ridiculous premium for when we all go back to the office 3 days a week.


Yes that makes sense. Even at 650 it looks sort of pricey but maybe they will get someone to bite. I know a couple who are struggling to offload a two bed house in the hope of trading up. They can’t really start to look in earnest unless they know they will get a buyer.


It looks like a council house from the front…


Wow I’m surprised they paid €570k for 67sqm (according to BER cert) in 2016, that was a fortune.

Similar sized, 57sqm, 2 bed house sold around the corner at Lansdowne Park for €405,000 just a few weeks ago needing redecoration but better (south) orientation than this house. Big difference in price here for similar product… can’t see how this is worth the €650k, they would be doing well to get the €570k that they (over) paid.


Lived in a house next to this one for a while. Have to say, location is alot more than just convenience to work. Canal, Sandymount, Herbert park and merrion square are a few mins walk away. As is the Dart to get to howth / dun Laoghaire. Walking home from a bar or restaurant in town is a luxury. You don’t need a car living here.

Think they mention double height extension in the ad which gets you an extra bedroom so I guess that optionality has value.

They probably overpaid in 2016 but I can’t see it going for less than 600k.


Dropped the price by 25k to 625k.