15 St. Davids Terrace, Blackhorse Avenue, D 7 (-220k, -49%)

From 450k to 230k

The property was originally marked as a price drop from 450k from an older listing here


Viewed this place twice early this year - it’s much bigger than you’d think on the inside. Put in an offer of 250 when they were asking 300 - I know, I know. In my defence it had just dropped from 400. Still waiting on word back on that one though… For once I’m glad offer wasn’t followed up by EA.

For anyone interested - Needs a good bit of work: re-wiring and plumbing for starters - only has electric heaters. Roof good but attic is only suitable for storage, not extra living space. Small yard to rear could be used for car space and small (very small) garden. Nice cages on the rear ground floor windows though - which tell a bit about the local area. Kinda fell for the house to be honest, great interior space compared to ex-corpo houses in the same price bracket up around Cabra.

Just finished renovating my own place last month and it takes a lot out of ya. I wouldn’t have been happy putting in the same amount of work on this place. Now if it was a third of the price…