15 Wesley Heights, Dundrum, Dublin 16

Hi, Any views on this?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ontactForm

Yes, its too expensive.

It’s nicely enough done, but it’s not exactly big for a 4 bed and it’s not far off 3/4 of a million!

Was asking 595k in May 2013
collapso.net/Sale-Property/m … id=2490506

Now 695k
daft.ie/sales/15-wesley-heig … 9086/&ea=1

Well it looks airy (love the stairs though might be a bit dangerous if you’ve a young baby/ toddler), clean and modern with neutral, inoffensive décor so looks like you could just move in which is always a plus. It’s a decent size but not enormous and the kitchen seems disappointingly small for the size of the house IMO. There might be scope for changing the layout of the rooms downstairs but that would cost a lot and you’d have to re-decorate. I’d be looking to get rid of the ‘playroom/ den’ and incorporating into a larger kitchen if possible - who needs two sitting-rooms in a house this size, you’d end up not using one of them, and playrooms for younger kids are only really useful if they are visible from the kitchen or wherever parents might be.

There’s a lot of IKEA stuff on view. Nothing wrong with this but I’d be checking the quality of the flooring and so on as, for that price, for what is a fairly ordinary house, and with the ‘turn-key’ condition seemingly factored into the rather hefty asking price, I wouldn’t want to have to re-do the floors i.e. the place looks great but is it all just a ‘veneer’? Also the BER is not given…

It’s a pity they’ve paved over both gardens. I’d want to restore the back garden which would cost. The light in the house seems nice though and I love that it faces a park. Most of the above is really just niggling. It’s a nice house and it looks like it might be a nice place to live BUT I could not bring myself pay almost three-quarters of a million for it! You have to balance what you’re spending against how much you want to live in a place like this forever (for me that asking price would be a ‘forever’ house).

p.s. not commenting on the area really as I don’t know it that well but for me, traffic and public transport/ commuting options are a big factor in where I would choose to buy.

p.p.s. Just saw that there was a 100k price-rise in the past year! If they couldn’t sell it last year why are they trying to sell it this year for 100k more?! :angry: Maybe the seller isn’t really serious - i.e. a tyre-kicking seller just testing the market perhaps.

+1 prices are now officially madness. Financial suicide for the masses!

Great feedback thanks! Agreed on all you points and seller seems to be a tyre kicker alright.

Nice location, IMO. Not too far to walk to the Luas, park nearby. Wesley school must be a factor in prices around here, if you’ve got kids in the school they can walk there in minutes

I don’t personally like the showhouse-style decor, nor the lack of grass. That’s a matter of individual taste though.

I’m sure it will sell.

Am down the country, friend phoned about this house. She says there is a lane with a back gate into Wesley School nearby - 2/3 minutes walk. My 2 start there in September. Other people and cyclists use it. I have been looking for a property in Balinteer near front gate of Wesley, but traffic very congested there. It would be a dream if I could find house on Dundrum side of school.

She also says the park is more of a demesne rather than a park and has Tai-Chi equipment and shortcut to Luas??? Can anyone confirm this?

As for house, seems light and airy for me, very little to do. I think I see planters in back garden photos. I’m not the world’s greatest gardener but reckon I can fix that. Send the children to the park anyway and delighted the den is a bit away from the kitchen and living room with Sims, Wii, X-boxes bombarding me.

Very little for sale near Wesley, I need a house my children can walk to school from, especially if there are no main roads.

Can’t comment yet without BER rating.
Can’t comment on price yet without more investigating or seeing it inside. That will depend on back gate issue being answered.


This is back up for sale @ €695K
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 16/3598662

Nice house and nice area but well overpriced IMO. I viewed a neighbouring house at at beginning of last year and nearly bought it. It wasn’t anywhere near as nice decoratively but sold for €560,000 which was decent value for the time. Structurally it is the same house