150 housing estates left unfinished across county

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That translates into ~5000 estates nationally. In certain cases completion bonds are in place that would finish the work. Contact the planning section and tell them to get the finger out. However councils do not take over complete estates until they are at least 5-7 years old. I would guesstimate that at least 50 of the 150 are fine.

In certain cases the developers of these estates are bankrupt. They can’t afford to pay the banks back what they owe them and so the banks won’t release the completion bonds.

A built but unfinished apartment block on FortunesTown Lane had been boarded up and locked for months. Builders on it today taking down hoardings and looking like they are going to finish it.

Some mistake here surely. The whole point of the bond is that it is available to the local authority when the developer goes bust.

I am looking for an unfinished housing estate in Dublin for a scene in a feature film. All ideas welcome

Unfinished or just empty?
Dublin or environs?
Apartments, mixed use or just housing?

There is an affordable housing estate up in Ladyswell D15 that Fingal Co. Co. couldn’t sell. That may still be vacant.
I saw some short film on RTE2 a few weeks ago where a bloke was the only person left and he was walking around an empty dublin estate.

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What will be the name of this blockbuster ? :laughing: :angry:

That article seems to be more abou local Coco’s not signing off on incomplete projects more than anything.

Of course as long as they do this the houses arent added to the market and probably arent listed as empties either. Way to market suspension!

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Northern cross
New estates in clongriffen by the bucket load

apartments houses in all states of unfinish.

drive from Northern cross through balgriffin down to Hole in the wall and naround that way.
take your pick

I noticed a new DNG sign outside this today. It said Receiver sale in April or something like that.