1500 Dublin jobs at risk: SRT Technics

According to RTE SRT Technics (formerly Team Aer Lingus) is under threat having lost 2 out of 4 Aer Lingus contract tenders.

[*Fears for up to 1,500 Dublin-based jobs * (https://www.rte.ie/news/2008/0117/jobs.html)

If they got comfortable and depended on one client to this extent then this kind of thing is inevitable. It happens all the time to companies that supply big department stores etc.

I presume that if AL are going to be doing the servicing in-house, they’re going to need staff, so I doubt 1500 jobs will really be lost. Those making the move might have to take lower pay and conditions though.


It’s more likely that EI will send this maintenance work abroad… or who knows, maybe even Belfast?

That’s what I thought, until I read this?

independent.ie/national-news … 68440.html

I suppose In-House doesn’t necessarily mean In-Dublin, or even In-Ireland.

How poetic that the Irish Flag carrier would emigrate.


You’re missing out on the history here rich… Do you not know SR Technics in Dublin are Aer Lingus Team! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I know it’s Team Aer Lingus. It appears they rebranded, but remained dependant on one client. So there shouldn’t be any wringing of hands or gnashing of teeth. Everything that’s happening is to be expected.

AL have been very clever here. They spun off (Re-branded) their own employees into a company with a completely different name, and may have always had the intention of pulling the contract from them at the first opportunity.

It looks like just the latest in the Irish Ferries, D4 Hotels saga.


They didn’t just rebrand them - they’ve been sold off. The only connection between SR Technics and Aer Lingus are the maintenance contracts and some “letters of comfort” that means that employees of one company can go to another company to get pay-hikes and pension entitlements etc.

Sweet mother of mercy, only in Ireland! :unamused:

(I notice the ex-TAL employees didn’t pipe up for their “entitlements” when AL were downsizing departments and renegotiating pay scales these last few years!)

They’re sorted so. Nothing to see here, move along.


Over the past 6-8 months I’ve spoken to two people who worked for SRT. One in a managment role in the office the second a contract aircraft engineer.

Both decried the work practices in the place. Both, unprompted, said the same thing: inflexible workforce, place run by unions. Now, two people from 1500 is no where representitive. But to hear it from the office and shop floor is surprising.

Blue Horseshoe

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fin … 23865.html

independent.ie/national-news … 61121.html

SR Technics staffer feels hard done by…
independent.ie/national-news … 43206.html
…didn’t this company effectively get busted by staff so that they could get redundancy?

I love the smell of doom in the morning.

Sadly it’s a case of “Get in line, fellas”

FFS, I get the distinct impression that there are a sizeable number of people in Ireland who if they fell in a river they would drown, not because the couldn’t swim, but because they always felt someone else should dive in after them & drag them out rather than them having to expend any effort. It’s the same useless tossers who vote for the candidate that got them their passport, when they could have just done it for themselves.

The sooner they wise up & realise they’re on their own the better !!

To recap -
He knew the money would run out
The government knew the money would run out.
He knew the government knew (bare with with I’m nearly there :wink: ) the money would run out.

I don’t see that this is the governments fault -it’s not as if they were holding a gun to his head, and as he knew the funding would run out and still elected to take on the course is he not as blameworthy as the government in this scenario?

Assuming he had no other work, education or other opportunity open to him at the time -surely better to partially complete a course rather than receive no training at all?

Or God Forbid; put his hand in his own pocket, & not your’s or mine, & pay for the damn course himself !

Oh yes well that too obviously. Presumably made all the more easy as
a. He’d have a large wad of redundancy money
b. The tuition fee would be tax deductable

Unless he’s looking to become a priest the courses at All Hallows look a little iffy from an employability boosting point of view.