1500 Dublin jobs at risk: SRT Technics

There was actually no large redundancies from there. The 1100 workers shared a pool of 48M and sucked up a pension fund deficit of 25M. The party was well over by the time they got let go.


OK fair point. Actually I knew someone who was one of thise leg go -I din’t get into the nitty gritty of it -but got the distinct impression he was shafted/short changed.

Some real gems there alright -the Epiphany certification program or pastoral theology should compliment his aircraft maintenance skills nicely to beef up his CV.

Is this what the European globalisation fund is being spent on? XX

Am I missing something here but 48M / 1100 = €43,636. Whats wrong with that?

Jeez, I’d love if someone gave me 43K to not work and get another job…

So if you won 43k in the lotto you’d retire?

But how useful will he be at rebuilding the Republic at his age ?


After 30+ years working as an Aircraft Tech earning a multiple of the mystical Industrial wage I’d kinda hoped he would also have some savings as well ? This guy wasn’t a cleaner earning minimum wage; he was someone 30 years in the same job & would have earned some serious cash !

There is a big shortage of priests; you could do worse. You get a gaff, and a housekeeper who will bring you tea and sandwiches whenever you want, like. Secure retirement, too.

I think the days of housekeepers are pretty much over. The gaff is paid for alright, leaving you your salary of about €8k to live on. And priests have taken a pay freeze the last couple of years, since the Church’s investments have taken a hit along with everyone else’s. Priests may be one of the few categories of workers that do go to work when they could get more on the dole.

Didn’t SR Technics make these guys a generous offer to keep the place open?



Ask the SRT/Team Aer Lingus guys how easy it was to find another job.

Staff are not working overtime as they haven’t been given a pay increase of 2.5% and now risk losing their jobs. Without knowing much in depth knowledge of the situation I would advise the staff to give 2 fingers to the union and go work the overtime. Surely they’re even losing more money by not working overtime. Madness.


The same people who are turning away work today will be crying about their redundancy when the factory closes.

The only people to blame here are the staff and the unions.

I’m not sure - is overtime mandatory? As far as I know it can’t be made so…

I’m pretty sure in most employment contracts that it states from time to time you may be required to work hours outside your normal terms and that you will be compensated by way of pay or time off in lieu. However it’s illegal to work hours in excess of the working time act. For the little I gather from the news report it appears the staff are working a work to rule, i.e. not showing a flexible work practice that is expected in most companies. You may work more hours in in one month than the next but it will average out over the year.

As a long time union member can tell you - ban is not mandatory, but being flexible you really have to watch your back not to be broken

Great advert for any company looking to set up in ireland… XX

This should be mandatory listening for all SRT Technics workers.
(The Kinks - ‘Get Back In Line’)


“When I see that union man walking down the street
He’s the man who decides if I live or I die, if I starve or if I eat”

Ray Davies