152 Bracken Hill, Blackglen Road, Sandyford (-121k, -26%)

Old price (In yellow)
460k … cd=1&gl=ie

New price
myhome.ie/search/property.as … earchlist=

EDIT - Oct 8th - unavailable

Now 385k (16.3% drop in total after 1 year + on market, 20+% drop if you factor in inflation)
myhome.ie/residential/search … PRPV350387
norths.ie/detail.php?id=274& … 0-%20Sales

I love the arial view for this property on Myhome.

well spotted :smiley:

Been on the market for over 1.25 years

Now 355k, having recently been 370k


I know it’s silly, but this really makes me angry. I don’t want to break forum rules (again), <>

I suppose in this case, that mentality is being chipped away at, euro by euro, month by month.

A friend of mine is renting an identical 2 bed apartment on the same street. The rent is €1250.
The apartment is cramped for 2 people. Theres one car park place for each apartment and also clamping going on in the car park of the apartments.
I wouldnt pay more than €250k for this apartment.

Now 339k