16 Argyle Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4


a cool €1000/per ft2…

I couldn’t believe the price per square foot when I read this too. There’s no doubt its a terrific house in a superb location. But, given it needs a complete overhaul, I have to believe the asking price is minimum 100% over any realistic valuation.

I’d have a million quid with you that it gets over 2.5mil…i’d even chance a tenner that it gets north of 3mil…but suggesting that the max price this will make is 1.75mil is just not on the ball me thinks!! by the by the houses either side of it are 2 of the nicest in Dublin 4…just beautiful!

Ooh, red bricks. Just gotta find my wallet 8DD

The Irish times comments that the sale price is “rather steep” at €3.5 million. When the notoriously estate-agent-friendly scribes in D’olier street raise their eyebrows you know that there is something wrong

Unlike the Indo…great bargains to be had for millionaires these days…apparently.

Gorgeous but considerably overpriced alright, though it does have 2 pantrys and a laundry!

May get €2m.

Little enough stock for sale at the moment in D4.

IMO this will go over €3m or €900 per square foot.

Sale Agreed.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1804001

F–k me, that was quick.

Suggests a price closer to €3m than €2m.

When the government finally get around to publishing prices, will we get to see this one ?

Given the very short time on the market I think achieved very close to or in excess of the asking price.

Under normal market conditions, I would agree with you.
But we live in ‘interesting times’.

It’s quite conceivable that a lot of people viewed the property within the first 10 days and that elicited a bid.
The EA may have advised the owners to hold off accepting it until they are sure that no further interested parties come out of the woodwork.

If in the next 10 days there were few enquires, the EA would suggest to the owner to take whatever offer was on the table.

I can assure you, this pattern happens a lot !

The sale-agreed banner has been pulled off the myhome.ie page. Wots up guys and girls?

Sale agreed again

No sign of it in the PPR.

Tiz only sale agreed - not sold.

Long time to go sold, no?

Sold for 3.05m
independent.ie/lifestyle/pro … 72857.html