16 Argyle Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

@ Landlord – good call on the selling price.

@Mr_Anderson – your sales price forecast was too low on this one.

I was out by a cool mill.
Must be losing my touch. :frowning:

someone owes me a tenner!

You were right, auctiongirl, you really nailed it with your comment about “north of 3” since that was just where it was priced. So it was a good call; an-mhaith.


I absolutely agree about metal-roofed extensions. They look fucking awful to me and will look fucking awful to everyone in 20 years. My old next door neighbours ruined a perfectly good end of terrace period house by adding a gunmetal grey monstrosity to the side of it.

Still, with regard to Argyle Road, it’s their house and their money. It won’t be seen from the road, so, meh.

The house next door did a smashing job on their extension(s) alright, though they should have known where to stop with the landscaping, if you ask me.

edit: removed daft post

The Destruction of Dublin seems like a never-ending story. The horrid things that have been done to D4 and D6 backgardens is obviously not #1 on the list but still it is taking away loveliness and adding ugliness. I thought there had been a pause, but apparently it did not last long. What a shame the planners are so cowardly about these issues.