16 Barrow Street, Ringsend, -170k, -26%


* Price changed: from 'Region €650,000' to 'Region €575,000'  [Found by murrayb] 

Not a bad little house. They neglect to mention that the white building to the right is the Dublin Sanitary Disposals processing facility. Smells lemon fresh all the time!

A bloody good reason not to buy this house ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you have massive sanitary disposal needs…


Now 525k

933 Sq. Feet @ €525k

€563 per sq ft

Now 480k


I was interested in this house two years ago when an offer of 800,000 was made and knocked us out. It then seems to have been rejected by the owners. I can’t believe how market forces effect you, back then I thought great house, great location now I am thinking I wouldn’t live there at any price. Bolands Mills opposite is either going to be developed and overshadow it, or it will stay vacant and your view would be of slow decay. The Sanitary Towel holding joint next door does seem to start very early in the morning as well.

must… resist…pun…

Ah christ! I never even imagined that such a thing would exist. How could anyone live nextdoor to that. And you’d never be able to get a dog. :frowning:

The “For Sale” sign is gone from outside it, FWIW

I passed today and the sign is still there.

Yep, it went back up yesterday. Weird.

the house a few doors up is offered for sale at €370K

Is this the one that had handwritten signs in the window about how the resident was allegedly being wrongfully evicted due to a conspiracy?

not sure! quite possibly.

There must be a good supply of tinfoil hats in there, then. I wonder if they come free with the house ?

Well, there seem to be issues getting inside to take photos, so who knows :nin

Yeah, saw the old man who has been living there for yonks standing outside forlornly, hope he makes it difficult for them.

Now €380k:daft.ie/1524765



Now on the market almost a year.