16 Frankfort Park, Dundrum (-450k, -34.6%)

Was 1.3m

irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

Now 995k

myhome.ie/residential/search … YXCE351884

Now 875K


I edited that link for you

you can get shorter links from daft by scrolling down the ad and looking for the daft shortcode.

Back up to 925k


total drop from original asking to current asking is 375k or 29%

141 Sq. Metres (1,517 Sq. Feet) @ €925k

€6,560 per sq m


€626 per sq ft

Now €850k:

So back to the level it was at in February for 2 days

Strikes me as a bit of a time waster - wouldn’t like to be dealing with this vendor - I wonder if they are doing this to attract attention before putting it back up again??

Those cheeky scamps are playing cat and mouse…the bare faced cheek