16 Frascati Park, Blackrock, Co. Dublin (-145k, -18.2%)

Was 795K

Now 695k

House down the road is 595k

What are people thoughts on the actual value of this house.

Saw this house many months ago. Was apparently when it just went on market before advertised heavily. Agent told us would be snapped up as soon as was promoted. They weren’t flexible on price - which is just as well because we wouldn’t be interested anyway.

The camera flatters this house. There is no large room in the house so you constantly feel as if walls and furniture are closing in on you. The kitched is particularly small. The only place with some semblance of space is the upstairs landing.

The garden is north facing so would be in shade for most of the day.Is a great looking house from the outside and nice location but we couldn’t imagine a price that would compensate for the lack of space and north elevation.

So much for the EA’s assertion that would be snapped up at the price.

also viewed this house and quite liked the interior, but to my mind it is devalued by the fact it backs onto the shopping centre car park. All that surface car parking and a single storey shopping centre won’t last for ever, and should the economy ever pick up, following a number of lost decades, you could find an apartment block being built in your back garden. I guess it will sell for in the region of €600-630k, based on what over places close to Blackrock village for selling for.

That’s a standard line for a certain agent in the area, have heard it trotted out by them at almost every single house they’ve shown me. Ignore it and bid whatever you feel like.

My missis saw this house said the same thing about the kitchen. There’s no big “family” room, and no immediate sledgehammer solution.

As I indicated, what made this house stand out in our memory (apart from the fact we wouldn’t take it at any price) was the absolute certainty of the EA that if they were to advertise, it would sell in nothing flat.


Now €650k

I agree with mocame that this should sell, given what other places in Blackrock are looking for, although I’m saying 500s rather than low 600s. I’ll even stick my neck out and go so far as to say that I don’t think the EA will need to incentivise buyers with another price drop. And while I’m at it, I’d hazard that it will be sale agreed by November '11.

Sale agreed: