16 Glenbourne Close, Leopardstown Valley (-45k)

Was 575,000


Now 560,000


Now 550k


Now 540k

Now 530k

Decent house, nice location (closeness to Ballyogan dump would be the only obvious drawback I can see), € per sq foot doesn’t seem too bad.

If places like this aren’t selling, the property market is certainly in trouble (not that this is a surprise to any one on the Pin).

Also the colour of that bathroom. Yuk!

Now 525k

Yes, but it’s still just 3-bed house for well over half a million ! It’s in an area which is a vertible sea of houses with heavy traffic problems, and it’s still probably closer to Wickow border than it is to Dublin city centre.

Number 11, also with the same agent just reduced it’s price from 540k to 525k to match this one.