16 Mackintosh Park, pottery Rd, Dun laoghaire.

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Hi Folks, Went to see this property recently and the most recent offer is 230,000 Euro making it (In my Meager Calculations) to be about 186 euro per Square Foot. Needs updating, plumbing/ sparks, new windows and insulation etc… Prob an extra 60 grand.

Great Back Garden, South West Facing Garden etc… But a tad ex dodgy area me thinks! Spoke to a few mates who grew up locally and they reckon that its grand now and the local garda station have very few call outs.

Do any of Ye reckon that this is approaching good value or am I absolutely barking mad to be looking at de mo, should continue renting and await bottom with head between thine legs!

De missus works in Town, I work in Dun Laoghaire. Not sure about the transport links to town for herself re work etc. Anyone know of them?

Thank you in advance for your help!

don’t know the area but re price per sq ft:
in this thread some examples of houses in prime D4/6 at 200E/sq ft were thrown up;


80% of buyers will see CORPO - NEXT. I have not work my ass off to aspire to live in a corpo house not matter how cheap.

Should be available at 4x the average working wage. £160k and a bag of pigs please.

Hmm. Iffy house if you are thinking of it as a family home with children in it at some stage.
Is there room for a pram in the hallway?
No downstairs loo is a problem in a house with children or more than 2 adults. And no downstairs loo/one bathroom is a point that would put off a lot of buyers.
Is there a place to sit down in the kitchen?

And yes transport links around there I think are just buses.

Emphatically not for a young family. DONT

LOL, is that a bar they have?

The area is grand imo, it was wild about 15 years ago, tis quiet now.

The 46a from dun laoghaire to town is about 10 min walk, runs every 10 or 15 mins & would take about 30 mins into town.

100k & I’d buy it, 1/4 of a mil is ridiculous.

I see no reason whatsoever for this gaff to be priced north of 200k. Its grand to say that have gaffs in d4/d6 have similar price per sq ft but the sq footage is massive. Ive noticed since browsing the pin that the bigger the gaff the smaller the price per sq ft. Think it comes down to the fact that no-one in their right mind would pay 500 per sq ft for a 3500 sq ft house. It just off the scale.

That gaff is alright but its not alright enough to take you down from off the fence. If I were you I would continue with the sensible ‘wait and see’ approach. Dont know how low prices are going to get but there is definitely a potential for very low. why dont you rent there for a while?

my offer here would be 133,333 euro, a small(15) herd or goats, 16 milsch cows and 2 hundredweight of copper…no more…no less…