162 Rathgar Road

Seems to have been €1.9m since it went up on Sherry Fitzgerald.

myhome.ie/residential/search … FYFP396588

A do-er upper only a few doors away went for €2.5m at auction in late 2005 so by the time all the work was done probably cost in the region of €3.1m :open_mouth:
This seems to be in good condition though…dither, dither

So it would cost €1.6m to build this house on this €300k site… :confused: Why include shite such as this in the blurb. Just tell tell us its €1.9m for the gaff. Thats entertainment enough.

They are saying that the house is worth €1.6m and that the back of the garden is worth €300k as it could have a mews house built on it.

They don’t mean the site the house is built on, they mean the mews site to the rear.

Pity its not the whole site… “I just want the site, do what you want with the house”

Nice house but crazy price. It needs a lot of work. The kitchen looks straight out of the 80s so apart from decor, there may be plumbing, heating & rewiring issues too.

I’m sure it will be on the market for some time to come. I think some people have lost the appetite for expensive status period homes these days.

Got the wrong end of that stick then. :blush:
Not sure I’d fancy paying €1.6m only to have someone come along and build a house in the garden though… or paying another €300k for them not to.

By “garage” I assume it means a shed - otherwise: how could you get a car in to the back garden to park it? :confused:

There is vehicular access to the rear of the property, so I assume the plans for the mews house include an integrated garage to the front of the mews. You see a lot of properties like that behind large Georgian/Victorian terraces.

No, you’d own the bit that has the planning permission on it. If you wanted to build a mews house you could.