17 Avondale Road, Killiney (-405k, -37%)


No. 4 seems like a bargain now compared to No. 10 which just sold for Euro 720K, well ahead of the asking Euro 695K. . It is in serious need of “modernisation” (G BER rating). The long back garden gives scope for an extension (but nothing more).

Who knows what the future holds but right now there is strong demand for houses in Dublin with gardens.




10 has a (bigger?) South facing rear garden, 4 north facing.


Around the corner on Killiney Road there is a detached bungalow with big garden asking 695 (with planing for an extension). Its been for sale twice before so I’m not sure what the story with it is.


That seems a decent enough price but the reality is you’ll need another 3-400 k to make it what it should be, it’s a different story then I suppose

Also wrong side of the road school catchment area wise , the dalkey parish boundary runs up the middle.