17 orpen rise


What would you pay for this?

I’m still trying to work out exactly where things are right now, but I’d be thinking 216 would be much closer to reality. I’d love to know what this will sell for though.

That’s just going by rent potential (~1200 a month * 12 months * 15 years) = 216K
I’d be interested in hearing if people think I’m way wrong with this valuation also ~€225 a Sq foot.

Price has come down from approx €350k or €380k (depending on whether you believe IPW’s tracking of Daft or myhome):
so it probably merits a price drop thread.

€299k does not seem very far off the right asking price for what it is, but it is very small for a 3-bed house. I think it would fetch €240-260k if they are open to offers or drop the asking price to get bidders. They’d need to move very fast though as we’ll see another wave of price drops in early 2012.

Would there not be a slight premium for the location - both general (Blackrock) and the precise location of this house within the estate?

It looks like this property is at the very back of the development, almost at the end of a cul-de-sac. Which means no passing traffic, or pedestrians for that matter. Nice and quiet. Plus, I’ve seen much smaller gardens in these kinds of town-house developments elsewhere. (Looking at the sattelite pic, one of the of the neighbours in a similar house has extendend at the back.)