17 St Brigid's Road Upper, Drumcondra, Dublin 9

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September 2012, asking 395k

Many people at the open viewing today.

Ground floor: 2 reception rooms with open double doors, WC under stairs, kitchen. Two reception rooms, not huge, double glass doors in the back one leading to garden. Horrible fireplaces. Kitchen looks better in person than in the photo, not bad at all, would want to replace the counters, though. Toilet under stairs adequate but nothing fancy.

Garden: Half the length of the other gardens in the terrace, seems that the back half of the garden was sold to a neighbour at some point. This must devalue the house greatly when compared to the other houses in the row. Back of house looks nice from the end of the garden. Garden is a decent size anyway, though disappointing compared to the neighbour’s.

Upstairs: Small but decent bathroom on return. Nice view over rooftops from its window, which is not frosted. It’s an exaggeration to call the bedroom on the return a “double”. Further up another medium sized room facing the back. One bigger room facing the front, with nice expose brick on one wall, and one tiny room, also facing the front.

Overall, a habitable house which lacks the charm one would expect in a house of its age. At least 20% overpriced.

Agree. Looked at it also. If house on other side (think No 12) with large kitchen extension and attic converted went for 390,000 this is 320,000 tops IMHO.