17 the Oaks knock extension to create garden


hi all

this is already a ginormo gaff and i was just wondering, what its missing to me is a proportionate garden. that kitchen extension sticking out the back would it be mad and expensive to knock it and make it garden

its already got a family room and a study. I would make the family room a kitchen.

what is your learned opinions. I obviously don’t feel its worth 690 either.

I think the obvious option would be keep the kitchen and knock the wall down between that and the family room creating a great big family area. I think you’d miss a large family room if you removed the extension turned it into a kitchen - it would be too small. (Unless you incorporated the study - though that would only leave you with effectively two rooms downstairs).

Also, given that there is a half decent garden which probably gets W-NW evening sun, the area you suggest reclaiming would be darker than the garden you already have. If you reclaiming a suntrap it might be different.

What would be an idea would be to fit some big skylights to the extension to get the morning sun into a big family room/kitchen. 8)

Just my 2 cents!

thanks v much

i love lots of garden, the garden is small, the dstairs rooms look big already

really appreciate your op tho

Knocking down stuff is not that expensive - lots of people wouldn’t do it because it costs a lot more to build the extension than to knock it down.

But as you say you like garden space - the pics seem to show some garden space apart from the back yard - is that to the side?

Seems to me the family room is plenty big for a kitchen/breakfast room - no doubt it was the original positioning of the kitchen.

Your suggested layout would be a better layout than the existing one but would the garden feel that much bigger without the extension? Because its a short garden I don’t think it would. I think you could get better for your money particularly if you like big gardens.

i think it would double the garden, and if i took all the trees from the side away - replanting a thin line of trees, there would be a sweep around the house.


its a dark house already though. maybe you are right.

i think the orientation is the dreaded north.

I like the size of the house as-is, but if you were willing to sacrifice the extra room that the extension affords the house, then it wouldn’t be the worst idea. I think they made an awful design choice when adding on that extension. They definitely should have endeavored to build the extension against the boundary wall of their neighbour, rather than making this divide and an unnecessary courtyard. I really don’t understand why they did it like this.

Essentially, if gardens are your thing and you’re concerned about the orientation, then it probably isn’t the best choice. If you are happy with a house that is c.1700sqft (about what it would be if you knocked the extension, I suppose) and if you like this area, then try for the likes of Woodlawn Park if your finances allow. They, in general, have generous gardens and a lot of potential. You can add on a small downstairs extension and go into the attic to get to around 1700sq.ft. The cost would depend on the house, as some have relatively long gardens and some have extremely long gardens and obviously the condition of homes in there vary alot, with many of them untouched in good knows how long. I see No. 7 sold in there for €420k this year, but hadn’t got a fantastic garden so expect to pay between 600k to 700k with the current boom for one with a sizeable garden.

47 Woodlawn sold for 655k (has a good garden and seems to be well decorated):
myhome.ie/priceregister/47-w … in-14-9765


I also agree if you’re looking for lots of garden you’re not looking at the right house.

thanks a million for the really helpful posts i appreciate it a lot