18 Great Western Villas, D7

Hi there, I am 100% new to all things property related, and thinking of starting to look to buy in Dublin 1/7.

This property is similar to what I’d hope for, but my sense is its over priced - any thoughts? Can I reasonably expect something similar in the same area for less?


Few thoughts on this…

I like the location. Very quiet but close to green space, loads of shops and amenities in Phibsborough, and of course walking distance from town.

You’re right in that it’s not great value… €322 / sq ft. It looks in decent condition, but you’d need to see it to really check it out as the pics are pretty bad quality. Shame that the yard looks so tiny.

The Luas Cross City is going to run really, really close to this hour… (c. 50 ft). I don’t have experience with living that close to the Luas (I occasionally hear a “ding ding” if the wind is blowing in the right direction), so I can’t comment on any potential negatives involved. On the plus side, you’d be c. 5 mins walk from the new station at Phibsborough.

The character of this whole area is set to change dramatically over the next 5 - 10 years as DIT consolidates itself in the new Grangegorman campus. Again there’s potential positives and negatives involved; I already know of 10+ year tenants on nearby Orchard Terrace being turfed
out in anticipation of booming rents in the area.

Personally, I would go for one of the nicer roads in Cabra East, where you’d get a bit more space for your money and some kind of garden to boot. Not that simple though, there are currently zero properties for sale in that area.

Or else, if they are willing to accept a reasonable offer, I can see plenty of positives here.

Regarding the new Luas route in relation to this property, I would look on it as a big positive. You’ll be a very short walk from the Phibsboro stop (note that the Grangegorman stop, also located nearby, won’t be in use immediately after the route opens). I wouldn’t be concerned about noise on a segregated track with no tight bends in a cutting. I’ve been in a house where the Luas passes the end of the garden just 15 metres away. You hear virtually nothing, cars passing out the front made more noise. I’m sure you’ll hear the odd ‘ding, ding, ding’ but its not exactly ear splitting. In fact, I dare say the Luas could improve the local noise environment as most of those parked buses will have to be shifted elsewhere.

These maps show the Luas BXD alignment in relation to Great Western Sq.:
Constitution Hill to Great Western Square(09_BXD_RO_29_E-0).pdf (0.64MB)
Great Western Square to Newgrange Road(11_BXD_RO_30_0-A).pdf (0.47MB)

My main concern about this house would be the size. 57sq.m. is the size of many a 1 bed apartment and there’s a stairs and a second bedroom squeezed into this place. I’ll tell you one thing, you won’t accumulate much ‘stuff’, Cat swinging is strictly prohibited!