18 South Park, Foxrock (-50k, -6%)

Was 815k
irishpropertywatch.net/viewS … &Site=daft

Then 845k, reduced to 795k
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … pertyAlert
220.45 m² / 2373 ft²
€335/sq ft

Wayyyyyyyyyyyyy off the price.

I am not familar with the area.
Where should the price of this be?


Sounds right. It’s a lovely little estate in a nice part of Deans Grange (not Foxrock!).

You are incorrect there old chap.

South Park is in both the RC parish of Foxrock and also has Foxrock as its official postal address. Foxrock extends both sides of the N11 and its boundaries on the North and East are Newtownpark Avenue and Deansgrange/Clonkeen Road. “Deansgrange” is technically just a placename associated with the area around Deansgrange crossroads and Deansgrange Road historically associated with the old church in that area and the COI Dean who lived and had land around there. One side of Deansgrange/Clonkeen Road is in the Blackrock postal district and the other side is in the Foxrock postal district. I think the parish of Foxrock straddles the road. The Foxrock RC Church is just across the road (Kill Avenue) from one end of South Park.

€660k is probably spot on at present Mr Anderson, if not generous for houses here. These (probably 1970s) houses, although quite big, did not have the best use of space internally in original form although some have been remodelled very well so it does depend on whether a house has been revamped or not.

Its a very good and safe area though and family friendly, with good facilities and shops/cafes/library etc in the area, the good old 46a to hand, and very good schools within walking distance.

when you say “The Foxrock RC Church is just across the road (Kill Avenue) from one end of South Park.” I think you mean Kill Lane.

Not to be pedantic, but the correct address is just “South Park, Dublin 18”, so says An Post. As to whether it’s considered Foxrock – I always though the n11 was the boundary but I believe you!

I live in the immediate area and would never consider South Park to be a part of Foxrock proper. And “Foxrock” RC Church (built in 1934) is on the periphery of Foxrock, not at the heart of it. (There’s now a sign at the start of Westminster Road just off the N11 which says, “Welcome To Foxrock”)

Historically, South Park was actually a part of Cornelscourt - which appears to have shrunk over the years.


I am not certain what the definition of “Foxrock” was when this area was mostly farmland (in living memory for some). There was undoubtedly an older development in the 19th century and then the newer parts built in the 1960s and 70s. However the current definition has to relate to parish and postal boundaries I think.

From wikipedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxrock:
“The boundaries of Foxrock as used by An Post extend east to take in the lands to the west of Clonkeen Road (note from Caledonia - i.e. areas such as South Park, Foxrock Avenue etc), Deansgrange Cemetery as far as Newtownpark Avenue. The N11 road divides new and old Foxrock.”

Parish boundaries are important for schools and 3 out of 4 schools in the RC parish of Foxrock foxrockparish.ie/content/view/93/122/are on the East side of the N11 and the French school also regards itself as in Foxrock sitting as it is on Foxrock Avenue.

The “village” of Foxrock is only 5 or 6 shops and is on another edge of the area itself and is hardly central to the parish as a whole so hard to define where the “centre” is for the majority of people in the parish/postal district.

If people can’t accept these modern definitions can I suggest writing a few stiff letters to An Post and the various parish authorities (and to Dun Laogaire Rathdown council suggesting they rename Foxrock Avenue, Foxrock Court, Foxrock Green etc which also seem to badly named if not really in “Foxrock”)?

This is extended quite nicely and it is in walk-in condition, thought the estate is fairly un-impressive. Proper or not, it is Foxrock. 81 South Park with a lot more land (albeit worse aspect and worse BER) is about to go sale-agreed if it hasn’t done so already at about 700k or so (702k I think). In my opinion it is a better house altogether. I think 18 is worth 660 or so as someone said before. They had an offer at 750k but it was withdrawn, so I was told when we viewed the house. So I rang up to make an offer, I asked whether they would entertain something ‘beginning with a 6’ and I was diligently told that the owners were after refusing and offer of 750k so obviously anything beginning with a 6 was out of the question. Of course, I am out, that house is NOT worth 800k in a million years, try being in the middle of Westminster Rd and even so. It is, at the end of the day, a house on a estate with an unremarkable garden.

I wish the owners good luck.

I agree that 81 has a lot more land but the upgrade to 18 has made the house much better. If the offer for 750k was withdrawn, it may not necessarily have been refused by the owners. Even if they refused at that time, the same offer is no longer available for them.

How do you balance bigger site versus better house? That’s up to the purchaser. If you think it is worth something beginning with a 6 or a low 7nnk, it doesn’t cost you anything to make the offer. The EA cannot second-guess the vendor. They are obliged to show every offer to the vendor. You’d never know …

And all this “not Foxrock” talk reminds me of Ross O’Carroll Kelly. He described how his mother campaigned for the name Foxrock to be prohibited from the side of the Stillorgan Road where George Hook lives. He was trying to point out what a bigot she is.

I should hasten to add that I don’t care whether this house is in Foxrock or not; I’m just always suspicious of houses where an EA adds “Foxrock”, “Ballsbridge”, or another “premium” neighbourhood. So I tend to try and fact-check them. Trickier now that An Post seems to be moving away from including neighbourhood names in the official address.

I know you weren’t having a go at the Foxrock residents, Mantissa. I think I was subconsciously reacting to the people in the Prime Time on SCD thread.

Like you, I don’t like when EAs play loosely with geography. Or when they say a house is a 6-minute walk to the DART (even when an Olympic race walker couldn’t do it). Or 10 minutes drive to the LUAS (If you have to drive that far, why bother taking the LUAS?).

Rang this morning. According to the EA an offer of €750,000 was rejected on this property.!!

Do people think its 2006 again :angry:

Maybe their mortgage does ?

Sold! 795k
propertypriceregisterireland.com … nd-104684/