18 Sydney Avenue, Blackrock (-800k, -29%)

Sold in the region of 2,650,000 in Sept 2005


Was listed at 2,800,000 in November 2007


Now 2,650,000


I just luuurve Fur-bed houses… :wink:

Now up to 3.35m ?!?!

Now 2.95m

Was previously at 3.8m (22% drop in total)
archives.tcm.ie/businesspost/200 … y28247.asp

The house is now 2.95m on My Home

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Strange Bee history on Propertynews. The property seemed to go Sale Agreed at one point, at which time the advertised price temporarily went up.

Perhaps they didn’t want the mortification of telling their neighbours what they were selling at?

Now 2,250,000


I went to see this house last November. They were looking for **EUR 2.8 million **for the house and **EUR 1 million **for an additional piece of garden (behind the main small garden) with a derelict shed at the end of it! I kid you not!
This is where the price confusion arises - between the initial EUR 2.8 million and EUR 3.8 million.
This is a listed house and on the refurb there were so many limitations imposed by Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council that it ended out being a disaster. It is no wonder it is still on the market. My guess is a price of EUR 1.85 million might shift it but, even then, it’s a bit dodge!

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The house is now 2 million, I’m going to assume the highest price they were asking for the house is 2.8 million


The plot of land mentioned by Townes is now 575k

The site would seem to be included in the 2M. Reference to the site being available separately is now deleted per Property Bee.


So, total drop is -1350k or 40%

According to the register this sold for €800,001 in 2012. You would imagine that after a price drop of that scale they wouldn’t have bothered holding out for the final €1.