18 Temple Court, Broadstone, Dublin 7(-15k)


Feb 19th

Apr 19th


Looks like the 1 beds are now beginning to take the hit.

If Stamp Duty is removed entirely for first time buyers, I’d fully expect to see the bottom fall entirely out of the 1/2 bedroom market in North Co. Dublin… You could see alot more money come off a place like this…

Quarter of a million for a 34sq.metre box in what looks like a tenement! Bonkers.

Isn’t it simply f***ing unreal…what you could get for this in Paris, Brussels, Rome…

The ad says “a **stones throw **from the city centre…”
Perhaps that phrase should be revised in light of the riots there in 2006 :wink:

indymedia.ie/article/77168?u … prefs=true

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