182 Rathgar Road, Rathgar, Dublin 6 (-160k, -27%)

was asking 595K

now asking 435K

Good drop.
217/sq ft in Rathgar. Needs a bit of TLC.

Really noisy road. Buses and traffic start around 6.30am. Perhaps I wasn’t helped by a pothole outside the place I was staying which every bus seemed to like crashing into.

Rathmines, surely?

Even if the address is somehow officially Rathgar, you are in effect around the corner from Rathmines village, that’s where you’ll be doing your shopping, eating and living.

Noisy Road + No Parking = Not a Realistic Family Home

maybe good value if it could be used for office space where traffic, shit garden etc not so much of an issue. But agreed - far from a decent family home.

Now €395k (-€200k, -34%)
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1494991

Period Terrraced 5 Bed needs refurb:

€2147 per sq m (395000/184)
€199 per sq ft (395000/1981)

Viewed this one a year ago and it’s in pretty poor condition imho. Currently in dingy bedsits and it needs complete gutting to turn it into a family home. Woodchip wallpaper everywhere, including the ceiling in some areas !! The back garden is a small yard raised above the level of the kitchen/diner. Next door has vehicular access but this one doesn’t. The two used to be one unit (a B&B/hotel) and in the hallway there is just an mdf sheet blocking up an old doorway separating them.

Sale agreed

would be really interested in who took this on - would have thought it has to be to still keep it as separate bedsits though - totally agree re the condition and also the rear vehicular access - next door is a far more interesting proposition

This sold for 335k on 2013-03-15. No 181 is for auction later this month with reserve not greater than 880k. It was on view today. Any ideas what it might be worth?

It’s not worth 880k anyway.
It has no rear garden.
Look on street view. There are buildings to the rear of the house on the laneway so that little courtyard in the pictures is actually surrounded by walls on all sides other than the little gap they’ve included in the photo.

Picture 10 & 11 of this listing (the house to the rear/on the laneway which is also up for auction) shows how blocked in the rear of 181 is


181 Rathgar Road and 181a Rathgar Road appear to have originally been part of a guesthouse with 182.

Allsops supply as part of the legal packs for 181 and 181a evidence of planning permission granted for an extension to 181 in 1986. This is the extent of the planning material provided. No undertaking is given that the subsequent development complied with this permission.

Potential purchasers may wish to satisfy themselves that the following are either covered by the above grant, are exempt from planning, or were granted permission in a separate application:

  • Reversion of 181 and 182 from guesthouse to residential use
  • Reversion of 181 and 182 to separate dwellings
  • Construction of 181a and/or separation from 181
  • Vehicular side entrance to 181
  • Vehicular side entrance to 181a

Some more recent planning applications for the above addresses are available online.

Note: I am not suggesting that there is any planning issue with these dwellings.

The brochure does not specify off street parking for 181. It mentioned a driveway. Could it be that the parking in the front is not compliant with planning permission?

No 85 Rathgar rd which has been on sale for a few months, specifies that the windows are double glazed with the exception of 5 sash windows. The windows in 181 are double glazed throughout, apparently. Is this compliant with planning? 181 is a protected structure as is 85. The difference is that 85 has been refurbished compliant with planning regulations. How risky might it be to purchase 181 as is?

Applications for 181 in 2004 were ruled invalid on the basis that it was clear that unauthorised development had occurred. The planning officer’s decision was that retention permission needed to be sought. From a viewing on Saturday there were features which I would not expect to be authorised in a protected structure. Presumably the criminal aspects would apply only to those who directed or carried out the work. Any new owner would presumably be exposed to rectification either through enforcement of the breaches or through conditions attached to any new applications. It’s not as much of a bargain as it seems at first light.

Best value would be to purchase both 181 and 181a and fix the awful interaction between them.

Did 181 or 181A sell at auction. If so what did they fetch?

No. Allsops sought best and final offers after auction in two emails to interested parties. Deadline is 14th of March - see below:



Personally I think there could be value here at a much lower level. The B&B history has significantly compromised the development of the site and whoever has undertaken the refurb would have been better off (IMO) knocking down many of the side extensions and reconfiguring as a family home, possibly building an entirely separate news at the end. The proposed split of the properties compromises them both. And that’s before you consider the lack of planning/retention for some of the old extensions not to mind the refurb, assuming the disclosed docs and DCC website comprise the totality of the planning history.

Agreed re the value. IANAL, but it appears from the Deed of Assignment in the legals posted by Allsop that 181 and 181a were acquired by the current owner from a receiver at the end of 2013 for €355,100 cash (there doesn’t appear to be a mortgage on the property at present). Probably only another cash buyer could take it off their hands now.

181a on its own could even have a negative value - allowing for development levies, penalties or (in the worst case) demolition on foot of DCC enforcement proceedings.

On another note, I ran into this thread on another site about a property which is not identified:

Hmmm :bulb:

Google only knows … a pity we can’t point our panopticon back to August 2014 and see their face or license plate.