183 Collinswood, Beaumont (-151k, -30%)

Was 500k, etc.

Now 349k

They were looking for 500k in May 2009?
God bless their optimism.
They were obviously still living in May 2006.

350K is way overpriced. Massive estate,
house looks like it could do with a makeover,
that green bath suite looks so 1980’s!!!

Somewhere between 200 and 250k would be
far more realistic.

The last 3 bed house that I know for certain sold in Collinswood was last advertised at 295KE. It sold end of October.

Just saying, like…

Houses date from 1993/1995 direction by the way.

+1, remember that one.

Although I think it was c. 900 sqft, this one is about 1200 apparently.

Agree with Julio though, these are worth 200k or thereabouts.