19 Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook (-300k, -19%)

Was 1.6 million … cd=2&gl=ie

Now 1.3 million


Beautiful house.

Maybe but who can afford it?

I’ll take the one on eglinton road for the same price.


That’s an AMV. None-the-less at €500 per sq ft, at 2000 sq ft, it should achieve 1 Mil :slight_smile: I suspect it may do a little better this year, but the big ones seem to be falling faster and faster now. Lovely house, lovely Road.

755 per sq foot at 1.3 big ones.

2 years later, and by comparison, 38 Belmont Avenue is 895k / 1593 sq feet, so €549/sq foot.

Oh my, 148sq mtrs including an extension and a converted attic, this house can’t have been very big to begin with

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -4/1247474

compare at 695

so-so location though nice inside