19 Charleston avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 (-70k, 14%)


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anyone seen this one? is the garden really as small as it looks?

[dropped 495k -> 425k - mambo]


Seen it. Yes, the garden is tiny. You could probably knock the shed and create an “al fresco dining area” as the estate agents like to put it. It is also in need of some serious refurb… you couldn’t live there at present. And i’m not that fussy … I have lived in some dodgey student places in my time…


thanx ariidae,
you reckon its a 100k refurb or that ball-park anyway?


I wouldn’t be great at knowing costs but you would need to knock existing “kitchens” and install a kitchen anyway. You would probably want to put a bathroom upstairs at some point and change the layout of the rooms (Three doors from landing but four rooms). The wiring also looked a little worrying to my untrained eye; loose wires hanging about, old sockets. I didn’t ask about the heating.


And not forgetting that it’s a listed building so all that work is going to be expensive. I couldn’t even begin to guess how expensive. And when you’re done, no where to put the car and you front room view is a mid 80s infill apartment block.


Sale agreed


Little doubt this would have gone for over €1m in 2005/6.

If the last asking price was €425k and it has taken this long to go sale agreed, it’s quite possible the final price was under €400k.

The lack of upstairs bathroom forces me to call this a 3 bed (after the obligitory bathroom and en suite installation).
However, even with the refurb and small garden, that’s not bad going for over 1400 sq/ft in a location that’s in constant demand.


went to see this last weekend, it is an amazing house but needs a huge amount of work, I would love this house if i could get it for 360K(which is possible) and then spend 10 years fixing it up.


Aghh … it’s back. I wonder why it went unagreed.


Link: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1835620


Now at 950k: https://www.myhome.ie/residential/brochure/19-charleston-avenue-ranelagh-dublin-6-d06-wc53/4384111

Any thoughts? Very small garden (as noted above) but superb location and finished very nicely. Aslo BER exempt and some issue with it being listed. I understand that there is an offer close-ish to the asking.


Some nice renovations but single glazing and BER exempt. Keep those home fires blazing!


The extension breaches the boundary of the neighbouring property. A world of pain there. Wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole.


How do you reckon it breaches the neighbouring property boundary?


Site boundary is down the middle of the chimney and the party wall. The extension incorporates both halves of the party wall (both its own and the neighbour’s), and the soffit overhangs even further. You can even see they had to chop away some of the soffit to fit around the neighbour’s roof.


I see this is back on the market with a bit of media coverage:

Same price as when launched before Xmas, but it’s a different market now. Surely a 10% fall awaits…