19 Court Apartments, Wilton Place, Ballsbridge (-345k, -50%)

Was 690k, etc

Now 480k

now €345k

Why is the stamp duty 7%? Have I missed something?

This is a great location but at 67m² its a decent one bed by the standards of anywhere else other than Ireland (and maybe Tokyo).

I’m currently renting in the same building. Great location.
There are 3 apartments for sale here at the moment, and this is the most overpriced. 2 apartments sold in the last year for way below that price.
Originally was 3 bed, but layout changed to open plan. That puts off anyone coming to view it.

Edit. No idea why they decided to list as ballsbridge. It’s in Dublin 2.

I saw this one in February. It has a very big storage room in the basement also.
It has been advertised at eur345k for at least 1 year now so it owes itself at least a eur100k price reduction.
Management fees are on the eur 2.4k area.

Yes, it’s well over-priced, but my understanding is that the vendors are in no rush to sell, and maybe a little in denial about property prices.

For comparison, there is a 2 bed in the building that went on the market just last week, asking 170k!

Yes, the lockups in the basement are very handy. Decent size for storing furniture, etc.

The mgt fees for No. 19 are the highest as it’s a 3 bed. As far as I know the mgt fees are a little high as they are creating a sinking fund for some repair work that will be required in next few years. It is an older apartment building, but a lot of the apartments are owner occupied so it’s kept in pretty good condition.

This was actually the very first appartment I went to see myself. What put me off was that I dont like aisles, the stairs to get to the lift (I have a toddler) and that I could not figure out how best to use the rooms.

I am surprsied to see that they were priced at EUR 690k in the peak.

It was never a realistic asking price - none ever sold at that price. As far as I can work out from talking to neighbours, the highest price achieved was just over 500k for a top floor 2 bed.

That apartment with Savills would be pretty good value at 170 (in my opinion). Unfortunately I don’t think it comes with a parking space, but it is possible to get residents permit to park on the street. It’s nice too because although it is accessed from the ground floor, it is in the wing of the building so it appears to be first floor from the outside - people can’t see in your windows walking past.

I tend to agree if this is what you are looking for. I wonder how they compare against the ones in Mespil Estate just on the other side of the canal.

There are quite a few in there, on the EUR +200k mark from what I remenber.

I’ve seen a few in Mespil recently slip just under the 200k mark. As far as I know they are a bit smaller though.

I haven’t been in Wilton Place apts but I have been in an apt in the Mespil and they def. seem smaller

No. 19 is now sale agreed.
No idea of final price I’m afraid.


I’ve had my eye on this development for some time because I think it is an excellent bellwether for city apartments - great location and in decent nick should mean they are among the pricier in the city.

I do wonder why people would spend at least €100k more for a new apartment down in the Docklands - which is still very much the pricing down there, amazingly - when you could be in this location for this price. That choice would be an absolute no-brainer for me, whether as an investor or an OO.

On price, I didn’t think I’d see a 2-bed at this price this soon. I think at €150,000 cash it’d a great deal. I think it’ll be snapped up.

From memory, I think these are superior units to Mespil House.