19 Grattan Parade, Drumcondra (-200k, -40%)

Was 500k


Now 450k


Now 425k

The add on daft says

Now guys lets be honest the sooner that industry is regulated the better.
They say you dont get a second chance to make a first impression, well the first impression that place makes is very very negative and the wording of the EA would not encourage one to recommend him/her to a friend now would it? :unamused:

Its the address rather than the property that makes it;s valuation.
It’s like that anywhere. Teleport that gaff to nearby Ballbough and the only thing will change is the price, its still the same gaff but it has a different address!

Now 400k

Re-listed and now at 300k

I’ve viewed a few properties with this agent, and asked to see this place three times. I was always fobbed off, saying they’d get back to me, or it needed way too much work, not worth showing. I first spotted it at 425, and now it’s 300. I feel sorry for the vendors - I’d say an EAs key hasn’t opened that front door in a long long time.

wonder, maybe they’re keeping it for themselves or a friend of themselves? It’s gone now anyway
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Still there, just re-listed.

This property is not for sale. At least not through this agent. I have given up asking to see it. First time I requested I was told they’d get back to me - about 8 weeks ago. After 10 days I rang, spoke to someone else who described it as ‘not for the faint-hearted’. ‘That’s OK’, I said, ‘I’m not faint-hearted’. ‘Ah but this that and the other’. When I asked was it habitable I was told ‘No’. Why? some floors are missing, the kitchen & bathroom are extensions and have to be demolished, needs damp-proofing, unoccupied for 12 months etc.etc.etc. I could hardly believe my ears. I was being told not to bother looking at it. ‘If it’s so bad, why are you asking 350k?’, I asked. ‘Oh, it’s dropped to 300k now’ he said. I’m still awaiting an appointment to view. Have since gone off the idea of buying. It does seems weird that no-one’s managed to get inside. No point putting a note through this door!

Intriguing carry on. Either the EA know’s it won’t sell at that price and the vendor is a sticky bastard who will not sell at less than it’s “worth”, in which case it’s pointless to work for free showing people the place. If it is as bad as dame (hi dame :smiley: ) has been told, the fact it started at €500k sounds to me like vendor is massively deluded. Or the EA wants it for themselves.

Anyways, c. 881 sq. ft @ €300k

€340 per sq ft

Even if this was fab inside, at that size, I think it would still have trouble at that price.

Sale agreed according to Daft

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22 April 2009

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18 March 2009

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13 March 2009

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