19 Kilbride Road, Killester, Dublin 5

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18th August 2012: asking €325,000

Actually had to queue for several minutes to get into the house as there were so many people viewing. EA was working through queue asking for names, phone numbers, whether folks were loan approved and with which bank. The nerve of this! However, what astounded me was that people were actually providing all of this information. What should the EA even care which bank is involved. Is there a run on one of them that hasn’t made the newspapers yet? And don’t people care about data protection or privacy? The EA made no attempt to keep the data secure. Even if you didn’t hear the people at the back of the queue willingly calling out their private data it was possible to read it all off the EA’s sheet.

Anyway, down to the house itself:

If you want to live a relatively leafy estate in which the neighbours care enough to put flower boxes around the base of trees on the footpath (to keep neighbours and their dogs away) then this isn’t a bad spot. 280k seems reasonable since smaller places in Shandon Park were selling for that a couple of weeks ago. The ground floor footprint of the house easily supports extending the kitchen into a grand affair, with scope for a two floor extension on the print of the current kitchen/garage conversion. At the moment the kitchen is simply a tiny affair that wouldn’t please anybody.

Only one bathroom, which needs bringing up to date but is functional as is.

Three rooms upstairs. One tiny, tiny single, a decent double to the front with bay window and a smaller one to the back. All are on the small side, though.

There are some puzzling cracks and holes drilled into the ceiling of the largest room upstairs.

Two living rooms downstairs with double door separating them. Not big but I’ve seen smaller.

Garden was a decent size and the whole area was quiet.

A few minutes walk from the Kilester DART. Still, I wouldn’t want to carry bags of shopping that distance.

With the current shortage of family homes and demand from potential buyers, EA can be fussy about who they accept bids from.

It’s starting to look rosey again from a sellers point of view.

On a more important point, what is the SCD dead cat doing on the north side? The next thing we will hear is that he will have put an offer in :slight_smile:

Perhaps €300 per foot or €360k

Yes, the house looks much nicer than average from the outside, but it all felt way too suburban for me. still, I can imagine plenty of people being happy with just that, but it’s not big enough to tempt me over to the north side.

Certainly not worth the price - the house is more Donnycarney than Killester and although its a relatively mature area, your local shops and local schools are not great

Isn’t Mount Temple just up the road from here? (Good enough for Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam etc) And isn’t St Paul’s also very close? (Gerry Ryan, Ian Dempsey etc) For girls, Holy Faith Clontarf isn’t far away either and there’s Manor House in Raheny too. Plenty of decent schools around here, I would have thought. (You’re right about shopping though - not great at all.)

Not worth the price, gruffalo ? You’re right - it’s worth more. (“worth” being based purely on what similar houses are now getting in that area, or what smaller houses are asking). Unless a major fault appears this’ll probably get past asking price.

Mahrud - that house is not like the ones in Furry Park or indeed Dunseverick. Its the edge of Donnycarney. I think the price is indicative of the lack of supply and the demand for family homes. In terms of schools, Holy Faith Clontarf is a serious treck although HF Killester is around the corner. St Pauls has changed quite a bit since Gerry Ryan went there - Ian Dempsey went to Belvedere.
Its doubtful you would get into Manor House which again is a good treck away so not really great schools close by. St Davids Artane is the nearest boys school.