19, Mount Auburn, Killiney

Got my Sis in law to look at this for me( she has a better eye):

They want 750k for 1700 sq.ft, I think they are mad, my SIL says they have been offered low 600’s but were turned down, are they for real? I love the area, but would think that 600k is the price. Any comments would be appreciated.

Hi - I live (rent) pretty nearby and agree, I’d highly recommend the area (only drawback is lousy public transport as dart is 15 mins away and bus service is poor - this is or is not a big issue depending on where you work).

I think they would do well to accept 600 for this - it’s not so big and these are “link detached” which means no side access or room to extend to the side. Lots of other houses in the area have more garden / extension potential. A much bigger 5 bed detached in the same estate sold recently asking 895 - rumour on here was that they accepted an offer at 850, but no way of substantiating that. this one myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/132140

If someone else will pay 750 or anything near it, I say let them have it!

Thanks for reply Tbear, luckily not relying on public transport except for the odd trip to Lansdowne rd. The fact that its close to M50 is more important and the selection of pubs in Dalkey isn’t bad either. Had a look at that other house, fine house, big garden, it seemingly went for 815k according to my sources in Colliers.

My offer here would be 324,455 euro, 2 light pigs, a power saw, a washing machine and 5 bags of sticks . . . .No more no less . .

no pigs left, do you think an old heifer would suffice?

your offer is your business…mine is mine…no more no less…

As the OP mentioned pubs rather than schools, I’m guessing kids are not in the picture? But if so fin is quite right - it is a bit of an odd area schools-wise (been there, done that - it’s not insurmountable but it can’t be left to chance, so requires a bit of work and forward planning).

Just got this on my rss feed myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/295355 at 595. Ok requires a bit of work, but looks basically sound, with better garden and potential. Definitely indicates that 600 (or less) is about the current price for a reasonable 3-bed in the area. My guess is that if Mt Auburn won’t accept offers in that region, that house will be sitting on the market for a long time to come.

Thanks for all the info, going to have a look at Cluny Grove, looks like there’s potential to do a bit of work on the place to extend etc. I think you are correct on the 600k, I will continue speak to Auctioneer and see how his offers are, I am luckily cash buyer so can take my time, they sure aren’t rising in value!

Spending anything like that on either of those two houses is madness.

A period property in Dalkey recently went for €625k, after failing to sell at auction with an AMV of €620k.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … lin/202805

It need full refit/reshape out the back of the house, but really, streets ahead of those houses in Killiney.

I contacted the agent today and he tells me it is sale agreed, but wont disclose the price.

Post deleted. Wrong property. My bad.