19 Ramleh Villas, Milltown (-145k, -22.6%)

In 2004, was asking 640k
tribune.maithu.com/archive/artic … nd-the-be/

Now asking 495k

Big garden, nice kitchen, though a bit bare looking.

Pity the EA couldn’t be bothered to give the total sq. ft.

Nice work done on this house lets say 200K

so 640 + stamp + 200 for seven years at 5%

total invested money approx. 1.263m

total losses so far on this ‘project’ = 768 K

well at this point they’ll take anything - I guess

could have been worse they could have bought Irish bank shares. unglbch. XX

sq.ft up on my home.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1828698

nice gaff - busy road though.

Or for double the money you could go to the worlds best ever development - with

10 Merton Walk, Mount St Annes, Milltown, Dublin 6

  • 4 Bed Terraced House For Sale

Or for the same money:

23 Milltown Avenue, Mount Saint Anne’s, Milltown, Dublin 6

  • 2 Bed Terraced House 86.4 m² / 930 ft² For Sale

so unless this ‘nice gaffe’ goes quickly ‘there will be blood - more blood’

actually I’d go for for the executor sale around the corner quiter and still closer to the spar shop

66 Ramleh Park, Milltown, Dublin 6

  • 3 Bed Semi-Detached House 109 m² / 1173 ft² For Sale

also its got a garage and a drive you could park the three BMW 7 series you can afford once you avoided the 4 bed terrace in the worlds best development.

awful garden though for a family house, totally no,no for me. The garden in 19 is fantastic but road is too busy.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1757156

Love how you can see the EA/owner in pic 3.

Needs total upgrade plus garden is hideous. But you can always replant grass…

1464 ft². Bigger than I’d thought. That’s €338 per sq. ft.

Don’t know the road but I hate busy roads and would never live on one

That’s a nice house.
Looks like it was tastefully modernised and the house appears pretty solid too.

So few seem to fulfill these simple criteria.


It’s a popular area, too. Not one of my own favourites but I know a few D6 hunters who would prefer Milltown to Ranelagh on account of it being a bit less cramped. And Ramleh has attracted some surprisingly high prices in the past, if I recall correctly. So I can see this achieving its asking price or possibly more.

It seems that the following is the case, either a cash buyer with a nice hoard can buy this now, or someone with a small hoard of 150K could probably get a mortgage (30 years, 3-4%) and pay 1200 per month - for thirty years, but after 10 years they will still only have paid 100K of that - so they owe still 227K on the mortgage - and if they could have bought the ‘nice gaffe’ anytime between now and then for less than 227K (300K USD) they could have saved all their money.

SO will this house halve in value again? Probably as there are lots of similar houses coming up for sale in the next ten years - even if you want to have Ramleh in the name!

+1 on the garden of number 66 - it’s bigger than it looks from the photos but all it would take is either side extending along the boundary wall another few metres and all of the light is gone from the back. Also leaves very little room for expansion out the back but there is room to go out to the side.

For number 19 yes the road is busy but you’d be able to pull out onto it without any hassle. The noise however would be a problem, and there’s a lack of parking for visitors around there - double yellows along most of the main road and pay & display at the car park down at Wilde & Green.

I don’t see this house ever selling for €227k.

Sale Agreed: myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1828698

noise & busy road not a dealbreaker for everyone…

Do you reckon it went for €227k?

Guess we’re gonna have to wait for the price database to find out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have ten years to wait for this to go down to 227K, It’ll get there, or Ireland is out of the Euro.

Or neither. €227k makes this affordable for a couple on the average industrial wage. Even if wages declined by 20% over the next ten years, this still makes an above average house in an above average area in the above averagely expensive Dublin affordable to an average couple anywhere in Ireland working full time.

In other words, you’re dreaming.