19 The Oaks, Churchtown, Dublin 14

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Hey, Any views on this?

Current offer of €725,000. Nice size, nice location albeit you can hear and feel the luas which is c. 10m from the front door.

The rear garden seems to be NW and quite overlooked. I have tried to view the house on 3 occasions but the EA keeps cancelling.

Another of these was on for 670k about 18 months ago IIRC, no idea if it actually sold

Inside pictures were badly taken and few and far between which leads me to believe it wasn’t as nicely finished. Garden was smaller too (there was an ugly single story extension taking up half of it)

17 the Oaks knock extension to create garden

At least it isnt just me - DNG cancelled on me twice to view this house - I live abroad and have ended up not being able to view house. the last time I came back to dublin DNG cancelled viewing on Ballytore Road one hour before - I dont have this experience with anyone else - is it just DNG terenure ?. I was told yesterday that offer was at 685 but with this EA wouldnt surprise me if other offers are in and no one knows centrally !

How invasive is the Luas on this house ?. ALso roof height looks lower than other houses in estate so you probably couldnt convert attic.

I have had a terrible experience with that branch in terms of poor communication and not being told of offers, whilst actively bidding, as well as viewings getting moved around (for a different property I hasten to add)

Beware of the EA (the specific EA) that looks after this property. We were gazumped on a propert just before Christmas when we were already sale agreed and EA actively encouraged this. Then the people that gazumped us were also gazumped by another couple and all of this was the actual doing of the EA. I won’t go into the details in a public forum but she’s absolutely not to be trusted. Very, very unkind words coming to my mind so i’ll leave it at that.

Had horrendous dealings with this EA on a couple of occasions similar to the above. Presumed it was a bad case of incompetence but after reading the above posts maybe there is a bit more to to it.

Does anyone know if this sold?

I went to view this house a few weeks ago, just after it came on the market I think, and my view is that is in poor shape for this price. My self and my wife estimated that we would have to replace the kitchen and a full make over to bring it up to our standards. Note: other people’s standards might differ.

I’ve actually had very positive dealings with the ea I think other posters are referring to.

I’d very likely choose them if I was selling again!

Sold for 805 as per the ppr.

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I would concur with the experiences above re this particular agent who I avoid if I can. As a prospective buyer and having dealt with all the main estate agents, I have found them by far the most unprofessional. I’ve just been flummoxed at the level of ineptitude - written bids ignored, having to hound the agent to be kept in the loop re bidding, being asked if I’d viewed the property after having viewed it 4 times and placed a bid…