19 Woodbine Road, Booterstown (-720k, -30%)

Was 2.4M

Now 2.2M

Now €1.95m (-450k, -18.75%)

www1.myhome.ie/residential/searc … HFUN316871

What’s it really worth

Even a million is a lot of bread…

gaffs like this for a million within 4 years?

Go easy on those drugs ewd! :laughing:

:laughing: Yeah you’re right… next thing I’ll be saying you could see a huge Manor house on thirteen acres with 17 bedroom suites, a four-bed, detached coach house, two-bed gate lodge and staff accommodation slashed from 10million to 5 million …


wait a minute…

Gigantic gaff for half price

So if 21 bedrooms + Staff accomadation is 5 million howq much is a 5 gaff in Booterstown??? :wink:

Still in denial Non believer… :laughing:

You mistake realism and reality for denial EWD, easy mistake to make. Not even the most ardent bear would say that we will have seen a 58.5% fall in this type of property in this part of town within 4 years. Sure you have turned up your 1 isolated and unique example of a 50% fall. You may find it a little more difficult to find too many others. :wink:

Come back to me in twelve months :laughing:

I bet you have been saying tht partcular line a long time! And initially you suggested it would take 4 years,make your mind up! :laughing:

Spot on Nonbeliever… Spot on
I have been saying it for years because despite the pressure and a reasonable salary I looked at the numbers I just couldn’t afford to buy.

The longer I held out the righter I became…
So I held off and held off knowing the higher it went the harder it would fall. So now I am seeing what I knew would happen happen. But worse.

Which gives me no joy whatsoever

as for the Timelines

It might take 4 years for the sort of property here to come down that much … but I reckon in 12 months you’ll be prepared to admit it’s possible…:wink:

at $1m Euro the above house would be reasonable value at 5*multiples of earnings for a couple on €200k per year.

Now 1.68m
myhome.ie/residential/search … msg=Images

Whatever happened to non-believer? Hasn’t been around in a LONG time…