1980 prices in Roscommon?


Thats the pitch anyway.
Probably the most bizarre photo on Daft also.


Wants to keep the element of surprise for the prospective buyer:


Aha, is that a prototype of a Biffo Ark?


I dont know…thats how I remember Roscommon in 1980. The cars look about right…


The photo is from the 1950s but fair play to that Auctioneer for catching the eye :smiley:

He knows how the internet works .



That’s the pic and it does capture something of the plight of Roscommon.

Roscommon’s problem in general is that it is in a time-warp of sorts, or maybe a geographical no-man’s land. Driving through the county there’s a distinct sense of leaving civilisation but yet of not being anywhere that’s wild enough to be interesting. It’s west-lite, and puts the mid in Midlands.


You’ve never been to Elphin so! :wink:
That’s the only town where you can still see red number plates.


I’ve never been.
Made the mistake of looking it up.

Oh dear…
youtube.com/watch?v=WU1QcxqN … r_embedded


I knew a fella who bought a place for 5000 n elphin grand not so long ago. Sold it probably peak or just before peak of the boom and then sunk a good stack of it into South African property :open_mouth:



I was in Torshavn,Faroe Islands, last St.Patricks Day. I walked down the Main St, by myself and waved at someone. It was better than that.


I’m not sure how this photo made this page, but this is from the flood of 1986 in Fort Scott, Kansas.