19A Long Lane, Dublin 8 (-289k, -68%)

Was 425k

Sunday Tribune

Now 370k



I swear pages with that kind of content in newspapers should be clearly marked with the word “ADVERTISEMENT”. That’s quite a hyperbolic sales pitch even by the standards of Sunday property supplements.

is …

is :open_mouth:

is that


a house?

What I want to know is, the number of the house is 19A, so does that mean this used to be part of number 19 before someone had the idea that “this place is way too big, I’ll split it in two”.

The rather unexpected answer is given by the Sunday Times, which gave this a mention in their article ‘How much smaller can homes get?’:

Apparently it sold for 164k in 2002.

For about €50k it would make an ok place for someone who has occasional overnight business in Dublin but that’s it.

Would you get a double bed into it ? :laughing:

Exactly what kind of overnight business do you normally do? :open_mouth:

And I think there’s a double bed on the mezzanine.

**Mezzanine 2.15 x 1.9m (7’1” x 6’3”)
Carpet flooring. Velux window. **

They got a double bed in there ! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Compact and Bijou. €50k would buy a lot of hotel bed nights. Never mind the €370k asking. Insanity.

The standard double bed is 4’6" x 6’3" and a kingsize is 5’ x 6’6" so you could fit either of them up there.

Fair enough but some people like having their own space so they can leave their stuff there rather than deal with luggage, but I don’t think it’s worth more than €50k.

Great news about the height bit. You can store more by putting everything on top of each other.

Now 335k


Now €275k (-€150k, -35.33%)

myhome.ie/residential/search … XENL392187

you would have to have reverse binoculars to see the tv.

I kind of like it :blush:

I love the fact that they are calling a 22ft garden spacious … well it probably is in relation to the rest of the property!

I could see myself passing hours on a Sunday morning licking the dew from that window above the bed. Which just might tempt me to make a serious offer.
Apart from that this house wouldn’t even be accepted under the Geneva Convention as suitable living space for a fleeing refugee family.

alright folks, this is on the price drop forums.

it’s time to get back on topic now.

Seems to have vanished.

Now €250,000
myhome.ie/residential/search … XENL392187