19A Long Lane, Dublin 8 (-289k, -68%)

Now €185,000

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … oad/122511

That house is positively gigantic compared to some of these: tumbleweedhouses.com/

tribune.ie/property/resident … price-by-/


This makes (and the myhome brochure also saying “sale agreed”) it look like it hasn’t been sold yet so there may still be some chance of sanity prevailing or the banks refusing to forward money to the purchaser. However the next quote makes it look like this is sold.

Has anybody passed by this property and read the signs?

DNG are very poor about updating their adverts - I am aware of a house that sold in September (new family moved in) and still says “sale agreed” on their website.

“sale had been agreed in the region of €155,000”
tribune.ie/property/article/ … price-by-/

Fast-forward to 2013
Sale agreed for 136k
independent.ie/business/pers … 70331.html

For sale in upcoming BidX1 auction, guide price of €240k:


Subject to a tenancy at a current rent of €20,400 per annum.

€1700 a month for that!?