19a Long Lane - weird looking place

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … oad/122511

Oh this one again. Originally asking €425 in October 2007

Vague recollection of this being an path at one point before someone decided they could fit a house in there


You must be pretty old Esselte

Check out picture number 8.

It helps if your head is at right angles to your body.

EUR 155,000? That seller has got some sick kind of sense of humour. There is no bedroom!

It’s like living on a barge.


New marketing drive for this place!

It’s not a house… It’s a Land Barge!

No mooring costs! No pulling and dragging! No messing about with Locks!

It has a mezzanine!

“The accommodation briefly comprises”

Could you be anything but brief with this one??

they used the word “adorable” to describe it. Cannot understand why.

It could make a nice pied a terre, though you’d have to be working long hours as wouldn’t want to spend many evenings there.

Actually for what it is, it’s not that bad. A young chap could live there if the price was right.

Honest to god this thread is hilarious. Propertypin sentiment in relation to house prices has gone from anger, to disbelief, to hilarious mockery. Thanks for the laughs.


Somebody either bought themselves a thesaurus or was knocking back the happy pills!

Actually, that living room is crying out for Sony’s new 100" LCD TV.

For headbangers only.

Boom! Boom!