19a The Dunes Portmarnock

Beware that this property is sold without the land to the side of the house on which a two-storey house will be build. Part of the drive-way will also be taken away.

The add does not say this and is suggesting uninterrupted views that will not last long.

I guess the clue is in the address…


Planning permission granted recently and it will ruin this property. Views spoiled (Your panoramic views are now of your vendors new house), morning sun blocked out, right of way required to use your own driveway… Do you not have to declare this sort of thing to perspective buyers?

documents.fingalcoco.ie/Northgat … 467943.pdf

The new build appears to have annoyed a few neighbours and there’s claims the build breaks agreements made with the golf course going by details in the appeals. Steer clear me thinks.

Planning Reference:
19A The Dunes, Portmarnock, Co. Dublin.
Construction of a new two storey dwelling house on a site located in the side garden to the east of the existing house; the works also include related site development works, connection to the public services and access to the public road.

i viewed this house and to be fair to the agent it was all fully disclosed. he had poles marked out in the side garden to reflect the outline of the new house. the plans for the new house were very out of character with the rest of houses on the street IMO . last i heard the best bid was matching the asking though that was about a month ago.

Ah… that’s fair enough. I agree re: plans for the new house. It’s a pity cause this house is/was good (but way too pricey).

We viewed this house too and whilst it is true that it was marked out in the side garden, we would have appreciated if that planning permission was disclosed beforehand. It is not mentioned in the add, nor did the agent mention it when making telephone enquiries.

The original house is designed with a lot of windows overlooking the views to the side of the house. Those views will all be replaced with a view to bricks a few meters away from the windows.

any idea on latest price?

Portmarnock property is very overpriced.

Sale agreed now

Not sure about that. The very first line in the ad says:

Edited today. I guess the previous buyer pulled out?