€19m land deal secured on €100 deposit

The threshold for getting a case into the commercial court is a mere €1million… :laughing:

No choppers for them lads this year, the lawyers are making giant sucking noises :slight_smile:

I think this could be a site off east wall that used to be beside the maxol depot. refused higher densities due to contravention of the Area plan.

already thousands of new apartments flying up in the vicinity.

great location for development but much of it too late and no integrated planning.

old factory burned down nearby and many warehouses and business’s moved out of this area. Great site for new inner city development but chronic lack of facilities and green space in new developments.

Much more land as yet undeveloped also changed hands at record prices late in the bubble.

Seriously… any Dublin based pinster who wants to see over supply in Dublin drive up the quays to the point depot, across to the port back, down east road and continue on to new wapping street.

any left or right deviation off these streets will reveal new and exciting opportunities for BTL investors to buy city centre apartments…

I lived down there up to recently.
The Church Road redevelopment has been scraped and to say there is a glut of apartments is putting it mildly. Add to that a lot of people have bought into the area on the back of it’s location (ie proximity to the quays) which is a bit point-less (pardon the pun) because there is a massive supply of apartments coming on stream and there are a lot of anti social issues in the area. (It’s nice not to hear the police helicopter every second night anymore).
It’s a shame because it was a blank slate up to recently enough and since it had missed the late 90s boom the lessons should have been learned in relation to poor planning and housing mix. The whole areas is designed to house young professionals without kids, no green spaces, poor parking and very poor public transport! For those of you who will say Clontarf Dart… well that’s a good 10-15 min walk, by which time you would have made it into town and it’s about the same again to walk up to the main bus routes in Fairview.

hello ex neighbour :wink:
helibopper snds me to sleep… primarily it’s on sherrif street feud duty

Were you the one that kept playing run away knock on my place? :laughing:

Yep… that helicopter sure seemed to spend a lot of time down Sheriff street either there or chasing kids away from the business park…
Not to mention the two bomb disposals that took place in Fairview park during my time there…
I knew I had to get out though when I saw a cop having to lock his bicycle in the Centra shop because a gang of lads were loitering around it when he was trying to deal with something outside.

Get out while you can :slight_smile:

I’m far enough away that it’s a light flutter, sounds like a butterfly caught behind a net curtain. Quite relaxing.


there a long time …

and it is miles quieter than it used to be.

fewer stolen cars; fewer kids climbin walls. It’s really only the feud up in sherrif street.

We might have to agree to disagree on this one.
It might be quieter… but just from what I’ve seen and the tales of two other couples I know living in the area it’s an area I am glad to be gone from.
But its heading OT… as the issue was is there a need for another development in the area, surely not… they should be focused on completing the Chruch Road regeneration plan first and foremost…

ACC registered a judgement on 14 July 2011 of €23,353,543.87 against

FLANAGAN, SEAN, Readstown, Summerhill, Co. Meath.

independent.ie/business/iris … 41842.html

Looks like McGinleys never coughed up the €19m in 2008 and the rest would be the interest on the €19m. All personally guaranteed by Sean Flanagan. What about Sean Burke then ??

Where’s the €100?

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: