2 Albert Road Lower, Sandycove, Co Dublin -1,000k (-52%)

Was 1.95mln
irishpropertywatch.com/viewS … &Site=daft

Now 1.5mln
697 per sq foot…still mad asking price IMHO but a little less mad than the previous effort. :angry: :angry:
On the market since 1st Feb and likely to be there for it’s first year anniversary.

Would be very concerned at the warehouse building at the back. Big site and could be developed in the future.

please provide a link for both prices in the future.

here’s a link for 1500k:


What does “This property is now Agreed:” mean. Sale agreed. Strange turn of phrase.

Anybody know what it went for? I wonder did it break the million? Looks well fitted out but small garden, overlooked, major risk of a development at the back in the loooooooong term future and terraced. :question:

The myhome.ie listing has now added “PLEASE REGISTER FOR A CANCELLATION” to the original “PLEASE NOTE THIS PROPERTY IS NOW AGREED” comment!

Comments deleted. Back on by the looks of it.



Now 1.35 mln

That’s 613 per sq ft for a terraced house in Sandycove. This is not a typo, there is seriously someone out there that deluded.

You can have the one next door for 695k (which is end of terrace on a corner site but doesn’t have **coloured **lights or surround sound)

but the lights!!! :slight_smile: … but seriously … :open_mouth: wonder how much it would cost to do up the house with lights and sound system …

Now POA…next it will be ONO :mrgreen:


now 995k on Daft


462 per sq ft and no garden, a bit more too do imho :nin

then again it does have **coloured ** lights

Just bumped back up to top billing on myhome.ie with open viewings this weekend - although still at the 995k price point noted above in late March '11.

I’d prefer the one that’s 300 grand cheaper and doesn’t look like it was designed by a footballer’s wife.

The list of brand names in the ad is sickening. The door handles are from Elementer in Denmark, don’t you know.

Looks like the Big Brother House.

I’ve always been fascinated by the photo of the ‘glass box’ at night. The photographer seems to have sprayed the ground with water to enhance the effect. They probably thought ‘yeah, this will add a few hundred K to the value’

Any house we buy will have door handles from Woodies in Sandyford.

They seem to be complety unaware that a vulgar and ostentatious house with 100 worth of lighting from Lightplan in London just doesn’t fit with the zeitgeist.

This appears to be back on the market

That’s got to hurt. It was under negotiation or sale agreed for a long, long time - since early summer as far as I recall. And as this thread shows it’s not the first time this one has fallen through. Assuming that whoever was negotiating on it this year got into a price bracket they could live with, I wonder what went wrong? Structural issue, perhaps, in spite of all the money that’s been spent on the place already? Or maybe the buyer’s circumstances changed or they decided they could do better elsewhere. Looks like this one is going to run and run.


You’d have to wonder what circumstances force someone to sell what was clearly a labour of love, too. Though the continual mention of branded crap in the house doesn’t endear the property to many who just see them as examples of the excess that put us where we are.

Someone will buy it for 500 - 600k bracket. Thats possibly what its worth maybe less.

Labeltastically namedroppinglicious.

I am surprised there isn’t a big Lacoste aligator or D&G symbol stuck to the outside of the house.

You mean crocodile.