2 Ardilea Wood, Clonskeagh (-100k, -14.4%)

Was 695k
collapso.net/Sale-Property/s … ?id=733002

Now 595k
133 Sq. Metres (1,432 Sq. Feet)
€415/sq ft

The house itself doesn’t seem that bad. Especially if compared to the other side of Roebuck Road. If one sees the size of the garden as an insurance policy against a possible drop in value, here there is no such policy. The place appears to have a large patio to go for a garden.

This house was launched asking €762,000 (IR£600k) in 2000 when the development came on the market and was expected to make above asking, however there was a sealed bids process as there was just SO much demand for what was one of Dublin’s first million pound housing estate (I’m being sarcastic, but there was probably a lot of demand). Due to this process, I can’t confirm exactly what it went for but word on the street was €793,750 (£625k). I think at €595k it isn’t an awful proposition compared to a lot of things in the area and would suit a retired couple or the likes. The apartments in Ardilea (the Stanford block) are flirting with €500/sqft at the moment and therefore this could be a better buy to somebody if they wanted more space than an apartment, but want to live in Ardilea. There is absolutely zero garden and Ardilea, as low-density and spread out as it is, has no open space - so I would imagine it wouldn’t be ideal for having kids.

I suppose what was paid then doesn’t matter all that much. At the time people were wooed by the notion of a gated enclave, I believe “ready-made communities of wealthy people” developments such as this were once described as by a certain newspaper and it was this kind of logic that resulted in massive prices being paid for these garden-less houses, when in fact you would have been better off at the time buying a kip for the same price in a good area with a huge garden that would now be still worth at least 2003 levels, if not 2004 levels, while this price is back to probably '98 levels, being c. 25% lower than the 2000 price achieved. At the time you could have got a nice house in around Nutley Park in Donnybrook and had a good chunk of change left over for the renovation.

Now sale agreed