2 bed, 27a Oakley Road, Ranelagh (-400, -20%)


Option to extend for the year thereafter

€1,600 Jun 14

€1,800 May 26

€2,000 May 15



Looks like a student sublet - students usually take work in the summer in Dublin if they’re not working abroad. There’s no jobs - they probably bailed back home in May when College went online and it became obvious that there would be no point in being in Dublin in May. I walked round Clonskeagh last week and it was like a ghost town


It is the option to extend after the middle of September which is interesting then, they must not be expecting to be coming back to college next year either in that case.


It’ll be interesting to see if there are broader rent falls in D6…


I think it is fair to say that rents in D6 have come back already, not sure there is much more to go as places seem to be clearing quick enough when deemed good value.

Over on boards there is talk in past couple of days of some MNC’s telling people that they need to be back in Ireland (not necessarily in the office) by the end of the summer. Something around the 183 days for tax residency.