2 bed, 79 Ballsbridge Wood, (-250, -20%)


A nice development and fantastic location.
Think I’ll quit my job, go on the dole and live there on rent allowance.

That’s a stunning asking price for a 2 bed in D4. And one can only presume you’d get a few more quid off the asking (in my recent experience of the rental market anyway). So sub 1k for a 2 bed really puts the cat among the pigeons for the very many 1 beds in this area and in the Dockland area of D4 asking the same.

Don’t think you would get it for less than €1,000.
I did one in there for €1,100 just last month and even at that price had 3 parties who would have grabbed it (employment decided who won in the end).

Has Mr Hantom given up on buying then? :smiling_imp:

Reluctantly so.
After putting down a bid on every place out there, one was eventually accepted.
Unfortunately, the bank refused the mortgage.
Turns out his employer didnt exist :wink: