2 bed Apt,Sandyford,215k.The Cubes

Went to see Apartment today.Its listed as a 1 bed but you could convert the other room which is a small office into a bedroom.Sorry i dont have the link buts it listed on Myhomes.ie.Its nearly 850 square feet.so if you like value for money,maybe check it out.They have a bid in for 205k at the moment.I did not really like it but you might.


Don’t they all.

One of the market leaders in corporate restructuring and insolvency in Ireland is offloading apartments in the industrial estate on the QT in a name-your-price manner.

With this piece of unsubstantiatable (but true) gossip and other newspaper reports about NAMA pressing developers into offloading assets we could be seeing apartment carnage a lot closer than Mullingar and Longford.

Well the sooner it comes to Dublin the better as i am holding out for a bargain,well i hope!Cheers for the info…roll on firesales!

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It’s in sandford ind estate where there is nothing to do - at all - dead wood - why would you live there? Follow rule one location location location.

It was the price that caught my eye.But i wont be putting a bid in

Small???Nearly 850 sq feet

Does the second (bed?)room have a window ?
If not, then it cannot be a bedroom.

It has 2 huge windows in it…its a office at the moment

I was very impressed by the exterior finish and design of this dveelopment but I haven’t seen inside. Photos look nice.

Assuming it sells for 200k and rents for 12k/year, then that’s a gross yield of 6% which isn’t great but not dreadful.

There are plenty of well paid jobs in walking distance. Shops and hotel in the complex. More facilities than the middle of your average housing estate. 22 mins from Stephen’s Green on Luas.

My main fear for the area is the unfinshed fleming development, Rockbrook, which appears likely to become a social housing sink.

Like i said earlier,i went to see it today and has a offer of 205k in already and say it will go for 215k.Bidding war on with 2 people.

I agree with Mr Agent regarding who/what else may move in after you purchase any property.

As someone eloquently put it recently, the market is now musical chairs but in reverse, you get your choice of chairs but once you’ve picked it will cost you to move again.

F**k me, “a bidding war”. I thought there were loads of unsold apartments in Sandyford not to mention the half completed apartment blocks. Well if it came from an EA it must be true.

€1k pm moving forward is extremely optimistic for these IMO. And that stuff about well paid jobs and facilities in the area, in fairness Mr. A that sounds like bubblespeak to me. If it is such a coming area, why are there so many apartments vacant and why aren’t the unfinished ones being finished? I think the answer is that nobody is interested in buying apartments here, jobs or no jobs.

As for the €205k offer, is the EA seriously expecting us to believe they have an offer basically on asking and haven’t accepted it? I call total bullshit.

Whats bubblespeak - the window bit ?
Its the law.
As far as I’m aware, if there are no windows in the room, then it cannot be advertised/used as a bedroom.
Even if the landlords lets the place out as a 1 bed, I think there are legal implications if he *knowingly *allows the windowless room to be used as a bedroom.

Always assumed it was a health/ventilation issue.

Crossed wires here Mr. A. I was responding to Mr. Agent’s post.

No probs.

Outside M50 = Bandit country…surrounded by unfinished buildings/social housing, and will continue to drop after other areas stabilise